Coming soon to war planning at the Pentagon: “What’s the carbon footprint of the mission?” Maybe so.

The U.S. military — along with the armed forces of other countries — has lost its automatic emissions exemption under the just signed global-warming agreement in Paris:

The exemption for the U.S. military was actually in the Kyoto agreement, but was been removed from this new one. From the Guardian:

The US military and armed forces of countries around the world will no longer be automatically exempted from emissions-cutting obligations under the UN Paris climate deal, the Guardian has learned.

Although the US never ratified the Kyoto protocol, it won an opt-out from having to fully report or act on its armed forces’ greenhouse gas emissions, which was then double-locked by a House national defence authorisation bill in 1999.

Under the Paris agreement, countries would not be obliged to cut their military emissions but, equally, there would be no automatic exemption for them either.

So, back to sailing ships? ” Voici le futur de la marine US” is translated as “this is the future of the U.S. Navy”:

Pretty much.

The good news is, as of now, the U.S. military isn’t counting its carbon emissions fully because it’s “politically inconvenient,” but that can change depending on who the next president is:

US officials privately say that the deal adopted on Saturday has no provisions covering military compliance one way or another, leaving decisions up to nation states as to which national sectors should make emissions cuts before 2030.

“If we’re going to win on climate we have to make sure we are counting carbon completely, not exempting different things like military emissions because it is politically inconvenient to count them,” Stephen Kretzmann, Oil Change International’s director told the Guardian. “The atmosphere certainly counts the carbon from the military, therefore we must as well.”

Shouldn’t we ask Hillary Clinton what she thinks?

Activists have been trying for years to get the U.S. military to accurately report its carbon footprint, to no avail:

And some evniros don’t think the Paris agreement went far enough by simply removing the exemption rather than forcing countries to count emissions from their armed forces:

Well, at least we can agree that #COP21 is “totally worthless.”