Big gun-grabby news out of Connecticut this afternoon as Governor Dan Malloy announced that he’ll take executive action to prevent those in the “Constitution State” on “gov’t watch lists” from being able to purchase a gun:

How he’ll accomplish this or when has yet to be determined. From the Hartford Courant:

Malloy said discussions with the White House are ongoing and he wasn’t sure when Connecticut’s gun ban would be implemented.

And can what Malloy wants be implemented for just one state? The real problem here is that there’s no one list for Malloy to use and all of these Democrat politicians are lying when they insinuate there is. The larger “terror watch list” — which Malloy tweeted about — is different than the much bandied about “no-fly list.” And as Gabriel Malor reported yesterday for The Federalist, neither of those “lists” are what would be used anyway. Obama wants to create another list altogether:

So before Connecticut can put the ban in place, the government has to create this new list, which it hasn’t done yet.

Verdict: All hype.