St. Petersburg mayor Rick Kriseman is in the news today for a now-viral tweet “banning” Donald Trump from entering the city until “we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps”:

Mayor Kriseman was just being sarcastic, he says:


And apparently Mayor Kriseman is OK with dictators from Cuba opening up shop in his fair city:

Kriseman even flew to Cuba in September to make his pitch in person. From Business Insider:

But what Kriseman said struck him most was the honesty of the government officials they met with.

“They acknowledged the challenges their county is facing and the areas in which improvement is needed and they talked about the impact the embargo has had on the country but more so on the Cuban people,” he said. “Because of the embargo, their access to credit is extremely limited and we thought to ourselves, what would that be like for us?”

Without credit, it was clear why infrastructure was in rough shape, he said.

And why is there an embargo again, Mayor Kriseman? Enlighten us.