Well this isn’t good news. ABC News is reporting tonight that the address used by Tafsheen Malik on her K-1 Visa application doesn’t exist: (update: ABC News has issued a correction to their report – see update at the bottom of this post):


But we were told she was fully vetted:

Maybe President Obama can explain how the vetting of Syrian refugees will be different form Malik, because that’s something we’d like to know:

And it looks the terrorists’ landlord used the same vetting process as DHS:

It really was this bad, wasn’t it?


An excerpt:

As a routine part of the visa and green card applications, Ms. Malik gave fingerprints and other identifying information, which were passed twice through background checks using the State Department’s watch lists and the immigration, counterterror and criminal databases at the Department of Homeland Security and at the F.B.I.

For the K-1 visa, Mr. Farook, 28, initiated the application to bring in his fiancée, who provided a Pakistani passport. Adhering to standard procedure for the K-1 visa, Ms. Malik had to demonstrate to State Department consular officials in Pakistan that their relationship was legitimate, and that she and Mr. Farook intended to marry in the United States within 90 days after she received the visa. Mr. Farook had to prove that he and Ms. Malik had met in person at least once in the previous two years, typically done by providing photos showing them together, personal messages and travel reservations. After the 90-day period, a K-1 visa expires and cannot be renewed.

As part of that review, Ms. Malik had a personal interview with a consular officer in Pakistan, federal officials said.


ABC News has issued a correction to their report:

Via ABC News:

Correction (Dec. 5): An earlier version of this report said Tashfeen provided a nonexistent address to U.S. officials when she applied for a fiance visa. Local residents say the version of the address provided is not precise, but the family does own a house in the neighborhood. This report was also updated Friday evening with new information from the Farook family attorney about how Malik and Farook met.