It’s day two of the trial of Officer William Porter, one of six Baltimore police officers charged over the death of Freddie Gray in April of this year. As we all know, Baltimore was beset with protests and riots following Gray’s death, but as of the writing of this post, there’s not much of a protest going on at the courthouse this morning. Via Baltimore Sun reporter Kevin Rector:

One guy? Rector went on to interview Johnson, which is actually pretty good:

But back up a little bit. Rector’s reporting of the protester saying Officer Porter was just “following orders” isn’t going over so well. Here’s former Baltimore Cop Michael Wood Jr. — a vocal critic of the Baltimore Police Department — with his assessment of the protester:

“Probably uneducated”? Wow. If a conservative had said this about any of the Baltimore rioters or looters, what would Wood have said in response?

Wood wasn’t done, however. When told that Rector’s reporting has been “neutral” so far, Wood went after the reporter and journalism in general:

Too much “balance” and “objectiveness” has ruined the profession? What a clown.

Keep in mind, Woods is the cop we told you about in June who admitted to participating in police brutality, but said nothing at the time:

Wow: Former Baltimore cop says he witnessed and ‘participated in’ incidents of police brutality and corruption