The Daily Beast has a report out tonight that ISIS terrorists captured by Kurdish forces with the help of U.S. Special Forces troops in Iraq and Syria are allegedly being tortured at secret prisons and the U.S. isn’t doing anything about it:

An excerpt:

The Kurds also took six ISIS fighters as their prisoners. And now, U.S. officials and humanitarian aid workers in the region tell The Daily Beast, it appears those prisoners are being tortured in Kurdish custody, in violation of international law.

“I am sure they are being tortured, no question,” said a U.S. defense official in Iraq who is familiar with raid and spoke on condition of anonymity. He noted that Americans do not have access to them, but added, “You have to remember where we are. Torture is pervasive.”

Hmm. If only we had a special prison set up just for such a dilemma…

Oh. Maybe President Obama shouldn’t try to close it then?


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