Well, this is awkward. Republican front-runner Donald Trump praised Democratic strategist Maria Cardona a few moments ago on his timeline for comments she made this morning on ABC’s “This Week” suggesting he’ll be the GOP nominee, but it looks like Trump missed all of the nasty things she’s said about him in the past.

First up, here’s what Trump tweeted at around 8:30 tonight:

Now, here’s the transcript from the show where Cardona says Trump will be the nominee:

CARDONA: Well, exactly. And so what I was going to say is probably this cycle, more than any other, what the media says doesn’t matter. And in fact, could hurt a candidate in this primary process.

At this point, I don’t see a path where Donald Trump probably doesn’t become the nominee. And I —

KRISTOL: Oh, that’s nonsense.

Trump might want to check Cardona’s entire Twitter feed, however, because she’s no fan. For example, she mocked him just yesterday over the news that “black religious leaders” won’t be endorsing Trump at a much-publicized meeting at Trump Tower on Monday:

And she’s obviously cheerleading for Trump because she doesn’t think he’ll ever beat Hillary Clinton. This is translated as, “Donald Trump, your Republican nominee John! I invite you now to the inauguration of President Hillary Clinton!”

More anti-Trump rhetoric from Cardona:

She’s right today but not on November 13?



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