Another day, another ill-advised retweet from GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump. The percentages of “whites killed by whites” and “whites killed by blacks” in this graphic retweeted from the @realDonaldTrump account should be reversed:

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones and others caught the mistake. According to the latest FBI stats from 2014, the actual numbers are around “82 percent of whites were killed by other whites and 15 percent were killed by blacks.”

And the stats for 2015 are not yet available nor can anyone find the source for the meme, listed as the “Crime Statistics Bureau — San Francisco”:

This has become a repeated problem with his campaign. In October, Trump blamed an intern for a retweet that poked fun at Iowans:

And in July, his account sent out a graphic with Nazi soldiers in it:

All unforced errors that didn’t have to happen.

Editor’s note: A typo was corrected in this post.