Earlier today, Congressional Democrats met with staffers from the Department of Homeland Security and the White House to assure members that the way the administration is screening refugees from Syria does not put America at risk.

It didn’t go so well:

The message from the White House was apparently “too complicated.” From CNN:

The two top officials were on the Hill to explain how the refugee program works and urge them to vote no on a House Republican bill coming up for a vote Thursday afternoon. But their presentation did not “not going over well” and went “in the weeds,” according to a Democratic source in the room.

This source said the “message on this is too complicated.”

So complicated that fewer Dems now support the president than before the briefing, with possibly a “veto-proof majority” for the GOP bill to strengthen refugee screening procedures.

And it doesn’t look like Nancy Pelosi will be pressuring Dems to vote with the president on it:

But even though the bill looks like a sure-thing in the House, getting it passed in the Senate still faces some hurdles:

To be continued…




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