So this happened yesterday at a soccer match in NATO-ally Turkey:

Longer video here:

However, there is some debate if the fans were actually booing the terrorists and honoring the victims:

With that said, Turkey’s coach did “slam” his team’s fans:

From the post:

As the debate rages, the post match comments of Turkey coach Fatih Terim bare paying attention to.

Terim publicly criticised the Turkey fans for their behaviour, delivering the following points to TV8:

We shouldn’t portray ourselves like this. When our fans act like that, we will have a hard time explaining ourselves to the rest of the world.

Why can’t we show just a minute of respect?

Booing the anthem, where’s that coming from? We are better than this. If this would have been done to us, we would be really upset. If we don’t act like we did today, we can prevent sports from being sacrificed to terrorism.

We’ll update this post if we hear more either way.


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