Josh Earnest visited with the gang from “Fox and Friends” this morning and let’s just say it didn’t go well.

Earnest quickly go into it with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck over President Obama’ calling the terror attack in Paris a “setback.” Earnest defended Obama’s words and then man-splained to Hasselbeck that she should “spend just as much time focusing on the president’s actions as you do his words.” Hasselbeck fired back with, “I will focus on my president’s words, Josh!”

Check it out:

His actions? What actions:

Earnest says in the interview that the U.S. has conducted “literally thousands of airstrikes” since we began attacking ISIS in Iraq and Syria a little over a year ago. But do the math — thousands of airstrikes over this time period means a few dozen per day:

Exactly. And Earnest really doesn’t answer why France is bombing targets in Raqqa that we had not bombed yet.

Here’s the entire video:



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