Matt Drudge has (yet again) reset his Twitter account, deleting all but 5 of his tweets.

But it’s those five tweets that are making news right now as each one insinuates that Hillary Clinton is wearing a wig. Check it out:

It’s also the top story over on Drudge Report:



That link above directs to this Daily Mail article on Drudge’s 5 tweets, but according to the article, the link on Drudge Report was previously just to Drudge’s timeline:

The Drudge Report led its coverage with the claims today, underneath a headline: ‘WIGGED OUT: HILLARY GIVES UP HAIR BATTLE’.

Clicking on the headline led to Drudge’s twitter feed.

LOL. So now Drudge is linking to a Daily Mail story that’s mad at him for saying Clinton wears a wig. To paraphrase Rust Cohle, the Internet — like life — is a flat circle.