Late Friday night, the Wall Street Journal published a story raising new issues about how Ben Carson described his time as an undergraduate at Yale in his 1990 autobiography, “Gifted Hands”

It’s behind a paywall, but here’s an excerpt from the WSJ’s Reid Epstein where Epstein basically says that Carson made up an entire story about a fake psychology test Carson wrote about in the book that was really designed to see “who was the most honest student in class.” Epstein went as far as to accuse Carson of making up the class the incident allegedly took place in, too:

But not so fast…

Carson took to Facebook to defend himself this morning, posting both an article from the Yale Daily News describing the fake-test incident that mostly backs up how Carson described it in his book as well as a syllabus for what Carson says is the Psychology class that the WSJ reported didn’t exist (it is a syllabus for a class in 2002, not the 70’s however):

Carson wrote on Facebook that he’s “still waiting on the apology” from the WSJ, but “doubts” he’ll get one:





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