Joe Scarborough is pulling no punches with his analysis of Politico’s Ben Carson–West Point story:

Well, maybe parents will tell their children that Politico stealth-edited the piece without telling its readers?

That last tweet was at 3:45, though. Maybe Scarborough has had second thoughts since the original Politico piece and all the reporting on its changes?


Actually, Westmoreland was in Detroit in February. Via Dylan Byers, formerly with Politico and now with CNN:

But Politico goes on to note that there was a similar banquet event in Detroit in February of that year that the General did attend, and that “Carson, a leader of the city’s ROTC program at the time, may have been among the invited guests at the $10-a-plate event.”

Regardless of what Scarborough thinks, however, Politico has yet to alert readers that it’s made major changes:

And it’s starting to look pretty bad for Politico:



Politico ‘stealth edits’ headline, lede on its Ben Carson-West Point story … and it’s still bad! [screenshots]