All week long the GOP was mocked by liberals and the MSM with a suggestion that the Republican presidential candidates couldn’t handle tough questions at the CNBC debate and that’s why they met tonight to discuss changing the format of future debates.

With that in mind, we wonder what their reaction will be to Washington Post reporter Carol Morrello getting escorted out of a meeting with Sec. John Kerry and representatives from Uzbekistan today when she dared ask a question on human rights:

Here’s video of Morello getting the boot. It’s not clear who decided she had to leave or why, but the people escorting her out are speaking English:

And the caption:

Washington Post correspondent Carol Morello is escorted out of the room where U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was meeting Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov, after she asked a question about the U.S. State Department’s critique of the Uzbek human rights record. (Reuters)

Where’s the outrage MSM? We’re waiting…