One of the more mock-worthy photographs to come out of yesterday’s big Katy Perry concert for Hillary Clinton was this one tweeted by former President Bill Clinton himself. Her eyes are a little higher up, big dog:

Which brings us to the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty who thought the image of Katy Perry in a “turban” would be the perfect occasion to make a joke about how conservatives will call her a “secret Muslim”:

Muslims don’t wear turbans, lady. Wearing a turban doesn’t necessarily mean somebody’s a Muslim (If that’s even what it is):

And a quick search of Twitter for “Katy Perry Turban Muslim” produces exactly zero results. Tumulty owes Muslims and the Sikh community an apology.

Worse, however, is Tumulty ignored the obvious joke regarding Bill and his past affairs to make a fake joke about the GOP:

You know — jokes like these:

Ha ha ha ha ha! Or, to paraphrase Karen Tumulty, “Intern lookalike in a turban? Countdown to #secretAFFAIR rumors. Five, four, three… ”


Update. Karen Tumulty tweets that we’re in the wrong because yes, some Muslims do wear turbans (that’s the same Wiki link we posted above, FWIW):

Yes, we should have been a little clearer and have updated the sentence above to “wearing a turban doesn’t necessarily mean somebody’s a Muslim.”

But our overall point still stands. It’s Sikhs in the U.S. who have been mistaken for Muslims and attacked because they wear turbans, and Tumulty knows this: