Watch the “Party of Science” work.

California Rep. Janice Hahn, a Democrat, literally wants to take water out of this lake in Alaska and put it on ships to sell to Californians:

From Grist:

Hanh, a Democrat, has called shipping water from Blue Lake in Sitka “an idea worth exploring,” according to USA Today, and she met with Alaska Bulk Water CEO Terry Trapp to discuss. The lake gets about 100 inches of rain a year and Alaska Bulk Water has the rights to sell up to 9 billion gallons. Rather than building pipeline, as was proposed in the ’60s, the idea now is to ship the water via tanker ship.

Actually, it’s not by “tanker ship” as Grist reports. It’s in gigantic plastic bags:

The main logistical hurdles are on the receiving end, where there is a lack of infrastructure to take water from vessels into tanks or storage facilities, he said. For a temporary solution, Alaska Bulk Water is considering a new twist on the old bladder idea.

“An immediate solution would be to load water in containers with special bags,” Trapp said in his email. “The whole world knows how to transport and deliver containers.”

And not only is it a stupid idea, it’s expensive, too:

The price tag of this proposal may be prohibitive even for thirsty California: Tapp proposed selling the water at 6 cents a gallon, or roughly 12 times the cost of water in California now.

Coincidentally — and we know you didn’t see this coming — Rep. Hahn’s district in California includes the Port of Los Angeles, where all of these giants bags of water would probably be unloaded. Isn’t it amazing how idiotic, expensive projects always seem to benefit the member of Congress proposing them, heh?