One of the big moments to come out of today’s hearing was when Hillary Clinton admitted that Sidney Blumenthal had her private email while her good friend Ambassador Stevens — who was in harm’s way in Libya — did not:

Libs are trying to blow off any focus on Blumenthal, of course:

But it’s a big deal as Clinton also admitted that she had never seen any of the of the many requests Stevens sent for better security in Libya. But emails from Blumenthal? Well, hey — those got forwarded on for consideration:

Which brings us to Rachel Maddow and her dumb question. She and Nicole Wallace we’re arguing over the importance of who had Clinton’s email address and asked Wallace, “Why would and ambassador have secretary of state’s private email?” Here’s the clip:

First of all, the reason why an ambassador would have the secretary of state’s direct private email address is because he’s an ambassador who answers to the secretary of state!

And secondly, this wasn’t just a private email address. It was also Clinton’s work email address. Does Maddow think it odd that an ambassador would be denied this? Certainly not.

Lawrence O’Donnell actually gave the best answer as to why Maddow’s question is ridiculous (it’s even phrased better than anything we’ve heard from the GOP):

Exactly. Imagine if just one of Stevens’ security requests had been CC’d to Clinton and Clinton responded to it.