As Dems in California continue to say global warming is the single greatest threat to the world, like ever, here’s a wake-up call.  NASA has issued a warning that there’s a 99.9% chance that Los Angeles gets hit with a 5.0 or greater earthquake in the next three years:

The science is settled! Must be all that CO2 we’re pumping into the tectonic plates.

There is some good news — the chance for a magnitude-6 or greater earthquake is only 35%:

While the magnitude-5 quake was found to be extremely likely by April 1, 2018, one of magnitude-6 or higher was pegged at just 35 percent and the largest potential quake was estimated at 6.3.


FEMA warns residents to be prepared:

We bet that most resident aren’t prepared, however. Here’s FEMA’s five-page long checklist of items that families should have on hand.

Although, come to think of it, if NASA’s predictions on earthquakes are anything like what they’ve done on global warming, then Los Angeles is in. The. Clear:

But just in case NASA is right, Angelinos … do have supplies on hand. Unlike a tiny increase in temperature over the next century, this threat is real.