Yikes. Whatever you think about Planned Parenthood and their baby-parts-for-sale scandal, we’re not entirely sure that dolls covered in fake blood hanging from a tree is the best idea on a holiday meant for kids:

There’s also a whiteboard sign on the lawn that says, “PLANNED PARENTHOOD — PARTS BY THE DOZEN”:

Neighbors told WSB-TV that they’re not too happy with the decorations:

The homeowner, who didn’t want to appear on camera, told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman that she loves Halloween and wanted to send a political message this year against Planned Parenthood.

In her display at the Kendall Park Subdivision in Winder, babies with red-painted body parts hang from a tree and a red-streaked crib and mattress can be seen from the roadway.

“Especially for a kids’ holiday, this is trashy (and) disturbing,” said Annie Guerrero, a neighbor.

Some parents say in a neighborhood full of kids, this display goes too far.

“I didn’t like it, I thought it was kind of creepy, and I don’t think they should put things up like that,” said one child, who lives in the neighborhood.

What say you readers: too much for Halloween or right on the money?