Two EMS workers in Detroit — one male, one female — were viciously attacked early this morning while rendering aid to a woman with an injured ankle. According to Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones, “a man in the area” wasn’t happy with the EMS workers’ assessment of the woman’s injury, so he took out a box cutter and attacked the pair:

The EMS workers fled the attack and drove themselves to the hospital:

The attacker stabbed and slashed the male EMS worker and the female EMS worker came to his aid. The attacker then stabbed and slashed the female worker, according to Jones.

Both medics drove themselves to the hospital. Jones said they came “within inches of dying” due to their injuries.

“(They drove) to save their lives,” Jones said. “They decided that they needed to get to the hospital right away. The medics drove themselves and I’m glad they did. I’m glad they’re here.”

He said both workers will require surgery after suffering deep stab and slash wounds to the face and hands. They are currently in treatment together and are able to communicate.

“Some very, very deep lacerations,” Jones said of the injuries.

And the inside of the ambulance sounds like something from a horror movie:

“It was a horrific scene. The scene inside of the rig is horrific. Their injuries are horrific,” Jones said, adding that both paramedics will have significant scarring. “Both of the EMTs are going to require some extensive surgeries. The injuries — they came to within inches of dying

The suspect, however, is still at large:

The suspect took off running after the attack and is currently being sought by police. His description was not immediately released.