One of the funnier parody accounts on Twitter is “Florida Man” and its collection of tweets highlighting odd stories that involve people form Florida. For example:


Which brings us to John Podesta who called Marco Rubio a “Florida man” in response to a comment Rubio made about Hillary Clinton’s energy policies:

Here’s the tweet Podesta linked to:

Nice try with the mocking, John, but no. Florida’s eroding coastline is “just normal.” That’s what ocean waves and storms do to beaches! Coastlines will always change, so stop denying the science:

Now, we fully expect Podesta’s answer to be that global warming makes the erosion worse. Well, that’s not true either. The problem in Florida with beach erosion — with or without global warming — is that there’s too much development too close to the beach. Here’s a good article from the AP on the battle in Florida between environmentalists and business/home owners:

“These beaches have been here for thousands of years and nobody renourished them. They just naturally kept themselves wide and beautiful,” said Christian Wagley, an environmentalist who lives on the Florida Panhandle. “The problem comes when we come and draw that line in the sand and put that building there that won’t move, next to a beach that has to move in order to survive and be healthy.”


“They want to subsidize the risks of some of the riskiest development in the state of Florida. We believe that what is happening on St. Joseph Peninsula is perpetually subsidized beach replenishment. It’s the poster child of failed coastal management policy in Florida,” Appleson said.

Exactly. A healthy coastline is one that’s allowed to ebb and flow and to suggest otherwise is just wrong.