In February of this year, a 17-year-old Michigan teen named Deven Guilford was shot and killed by an Eaton County Sheriff’s deputy after the teen attacked the deputy during a traffic stop.

The deputy, Sgt. Jonathan Frost, was cleared by prosecutors in June who said Frost acted in self-defense. However, newly released body-cam footage of the encounter as well as a Federal civil suit just filed by Guilford’s parents has the story trending on Twitter today:


If you watch the video yourself, you’ll see these headlines don’t tell the entire story. Yes Deven was unarmed and yes the traffic stop was over a minor infraction, but it’s clear in the video that after getting tazed, Deven jumps up and attacks Sgt. Frost:

Here’s what Frost looked like after the encounter:

Facts matter, yet the media is willfully ignoring Sgt. Frost’s injuries in order to push their preferred narrative. Again:

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