Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been caught lying about the death of an Arab teen who earlier this week had attacked a Jewish child with a knife and was then hit by a car fleeing the scene.

Abbas went on television yesterday to accuse Israel of executing the teen, Ahmad Manasra, but as you can see from these photos and video, the young terrorist is very much still alive:

And down the rathole the truth goes:

Mansra’s fake execution is being used by pro-Palestinian media sources to gin up outrage at Israel. Of note, the shooting of Muhammad al-Durrah mentioned in these posts as having sparked the 2nd Intifada was eventually determined to have been caused by Palestinian gunfire, not Israeli, as was widely reported at the time:

Here’s the video that sparked the original outrage of Mansara shortly after getting hit by the car (Warning: Graphic images):

And we’ll hear more from Bibi on all this shortly: