We get that Democrat Jim Webb’s views aren’t necessarily mainstream in the party right now, but what’s with all the attacks he’s getting over his service during the Vietnam War?

It’s despicable.

Case in point, here’s Politico’s Ken Vogel calling Webb “creepy” for talking about his own heroism during the Vietnam War at last night’s Democrat debate:

This is the same Jim Webb, mind you, who earned a Navy Cross, a Silver Star and two Bronze Stars for his service:


And let’s not forget it was Democrat Jim Webb who beat incumbent GOP Senator George Allen in 2006. Dems then picked Webb to give the response to George Bush’s 2007 SOTU where he talked about income inequality and ending the war in Iraq:

So, sure … call the ware hero who once was the face of the Democrat party “creepy.”

And get this … Vogel was so amused with his first tweet that he posted it again. This time saying Webb had a “creepy smirk” on his face:

What is wrong with him?

Earlier in the night Vogel praised conscientious objector Bernie Sanders for the way he answered a question on the Vietnam War:

Webb went from “brave” man to “creepy” in Vogel’s eyes in less than an hour.