False alarm.  Philippine authorities are pushing back on the story of a Filipino man stumbling across the skeleton-filled wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight No. 370 during a “bird watching” trip to the remote island chain of Tawi-Tawi:

The witness, it seems, has disappeared:

Despite the report appearing to have little credibility, some media in Britain, the United States, Singapore and elsewhere picked it up, saying wreckage of a plane had been found on the island and it could be from MH370.

Philippine authorities said on Tuesday that no plane wreckage had been found, and questioned the credibility of the apparent police witness.

“I sent people to the site where it (the plane wreck) was supposedly seen and the results were negative,” the deputy police director of Tawi-Tawi, Superintendent Glenn Roy Gabor, told AFP by phone.

“There was someone who was spreading that story but it has no truth to it and the person spreading it has disappeared.”

Now, if someone can tell the rest of the media, it would be much appreciated:

Editor’s note: We’ve corrected the spelling of “Philippines” in the title.



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