Saturday Night Live is taking some heat today over a Polish joke on last night’s season premier. Here it is:

“October is Polish Heritage month. To find out more, you can Google it by sticking your finger on your computer and have two other people move the keyboard up and down.”

And tomorrow is the Pulaski Day parade in NYC, which makes the timing of the joke pretty bad:

Even the Polish Embassy in the U.S. U.S. Embassy in Poland got in on the criticism:

Bernie Sanders was mocked last night, too:

Well, while Hillary was doing SNL, Bernie was speaking to thousands in Boston:

Great job, SNL. Way to understand your audience.

What’s worse, however, is that “SNL” had a chance to skewer presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but — of course — rather than mock her email troubles or flip-flops or tanking poll numbers, they gave Hillary a platform to show just how lovable and funny she can really be.

Unfortunately, that fell flat, too:

Here’s the entire sketch (if you can make it through the entire 6 minutes, that is):


Editor’s note: An error has been corrected in this post. It was the Polish Embassy in the U.S. that criticized SNL, not the U.S. Embassy in Poland.