Mia Farrow isn’t a fan of the NRA — natch — and she’s done some research to expose just how much (she thinks) the NRA spends on politicians in D.C.:

She says this spending is for “bribes” and “threats”:

Oh really, Mia? Let’s check out what Open Secrets has to say and put the “bribes” and “threats” in perspective. In the 2014 cycle, the NRA ranked 289 of 16,872 in “Contributions,” 151 of 4,070 in “Lobbying” and 10 out of 186 in “Outside Spending”:


And since Mia (and libs) will just focus on the $28,212,718 number, we will, too. And as you can see, the NRA’s “outside spending” is dwarfed by what the the parties themselves are doing:


But it gets better. Mia Farrow is a Bernie Sanders fan:

Does she know about his record on guns we wonder? Sanders is no enemy of the NRA:

Facts matter, Mia. Try them sometime.