As Katie Pavlich correctly notes above, during his address to the nation after the mass shooting in Oregon yesterday, President Obama cited Australia and its 1996 law outlawing most gun ownership as an example of what a country can do to combat gun violence.

Except that Australia’s law doesn’t always work. How did a 15-year-old of radicalized Islamic terrorist get a gun?

More from 9 News:

The gunman who shot dead a police employee at a station in Sydney’s west yesterday has been identified as a radicalised 15-year-old boy of Iraqi-Kurdish origin.

The black-clad teen approached the NSW Police Charles Street headquarters in Parramatta at about 4.30pm yesterday and executed finance worker Curtis Cheng at point-blank range.

Security guards and police officers returned fire from the building’s lobby, with a special constable killing the armed teen.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said today initial investigations suggested the boy was working alone in an act of terrorism.

And from the Daily Telegraph:

Police are today trying to trackdown the teenage killer’s family who may have left the area.

Witnesses have told The Saturday Telegraph that after shooting dead the civilian employee, the teenager ran up and down in front of police headquarters waving his handgun in the air and shouting: “Allah. Allah.”

We’ll follow this story and update it if/when we find out more.



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