It looks like singer Chris Brown will not be the only American who won’t be able to travel to Australia this month.

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman, who was traveling to Australia as part of a multi-city tour to speak with pro-life groups, had his visa cancelled as he was about to board his flight in Denver, allegedly over a controversial passage in a book he co-authored years ago:

Newman uploaded a video to YouTube of the gate agent stopping him in Denver and not allowing him to board the plane to Los Angeles:

Operation Rescue released a statement denying that Newman has ever advocated violence and telling supporters to call the Australian embassy in D.C. to demand Newman’s visa be restored :

Denver, Colorado — Right now, Troy Newman should be on his way to Australia to for a speaking tour on pro-life issues. But due to viciously false accusations brought by Australian pro-abortion activists and news media that Newman supports violence against abortion providers, Newman found out late today that his visa has been revoked by the Australian government.

Newman has never advocated violence and in fact, urges pro-life activists to work within the governmental and legal system to accomplish change.

Newman boarded his flight in Wichita, Kansas, hoping that the situation would be resolved by the time he arrived in Los Angeles. However, while boarding a connecting flight in Denver, Colorado, Newman was stopped and told he could not board his flight to LA because of an order by the Australian government.

A video Newman took on his cell phone documenting the incident shows United Airline officials preventing him from boarding his flight due to orders from the Australian government.

“How a foreign government can ban an American from traveling within the U.S. is beyond me. It is a complete violation of Troy’s rights as a U.S. citizen,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue, who is working at this late hour to get Newman help through contacts in Washington, D.C. “This is political persecution, plain and simple, as well as an attempt to silence the pro-life message in Australia.”

Mary Dutton of Right to Life of Australia, who invited Newman and is sponsoring his speaking tour said, “We are all very upset, that this has happened and are working furiously to turn it around.”

Newman has booked another ticket on a different airline and will travel on to Los Angeles tonight with the hope that this misunderstanding can be sorted out in time for him to catch his original flight to Melbourne.

Please help Troy Newman by contacting the Australian Embassy and asking them to release him to travel and restore his visa so he can continue on to Australia with a peaceful pro-life message as planned.

Australian Embassy in Washington, DC
(202) 797-3000