Hey, y’all! There’s a new poll out from NBC/WSJ/Telemundo on how Latinos view the GOP presidential candidates. Not looking good, right?

But there’s something a little odd about who’s not included in the poll.

That’s right: the two Latino GOP presidential candidates are missing:

Let’s keep in mind that the poll is a national sample of just 250 Latino adults with a high margin of error, which makes its usefulness even more suspect:

The NBC/WSJ/Telemundo oversample of Latinos included interviews with 250 Latino adults between September 20 and September 24. The margin of error is +/- 6.20 percent.

But this still doesn’t explain why Rubio, who was polled in the last NBC/WSJ/Telemundo oversample of Latino voters in July, was left out:

It gets worse. The poll numbers NBC highlights in their story omit the fact that the majority of those polled are either neutral or not sure yet about the candidate. You have to search the topline numbers to find that out:


Or, in other words, the GOP is not in as bad of shape as what’s being suggested.



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