GOP front-runner Donald Trump is not happy with the coverage he’s getting on the speech he gave yesterday to a “half-empty ballroom” in North Charleston, SC.

Here he is going after Jonathan Martin of the New York Times over Martin’s write-up of the event:

According to Trump, Martin is “dishonest” and a “liar” for refusing “to acknowledge” the “massive crowd surge forward during” the speech:

Trump posted these photos to Instagram to make his case:


But what’s so “dishonest” about what Martin wrote? Here’s how it was described in the NYT:


What’s so unfair about that? As we reported yesterday, the size of the crowd was corroborated by other reporters in attendance at the event:

Audience for Donald Trump’s South Carolina stop not quite arena-sized [photos]

Rosie Gray of BuzzFeed even made a point of tweeting a photo from Trump’s second event to give a fair accounting of what happened:



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