We told you Sunday night about Jagadish Shukla, the taxpayer-financed George Mason Univ. meteorologist trying to get President Obama and AG Lynch to use RICO laws to prosecute those critical or skeptical of global-warming science.

Well now we have more information to report on how much worse Shukla is for taxpayers.

Here’s more from Roger Pielke Jr. who dug up details on the finances of IGES.com, the nonprofit run by Shukla and his wife. In summary, taxpayers paid Shukla and his family $800,000 to “oversee” only $1.4 million in “actual research”:

The good news is that investigative reporters (well, one of them anyway) are starting to take a look. Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon writes today that the nonprofit cited above run by Shukla has received over $63 millon in taxpayer money since 2001:

It is time to open a RICO investigation. But open one on Shukla, not those skeptical of his science.



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