Meet John Dick, owner of Golden Steer Choice Meats in Bellevue, Washington who thought it would be a good idea to use Facebook to market his small business.

Yeah … good luck with that. “Vegan Internet trolls” — reportedly from out-of-state — slammed the butcher shop with 1-star reviews and targeted Dick’s employees, customers and family on Golden Steer’s Facebook page:

One customer told NBC 5 in Seattle that the vegans even reposted a photo of her son and called him “inbred”:

It turns out those vegans had a beef with anyone trying to call them out. They started posting disturbing photos on the store’s Facebook timeline, then targeted the customers, like Jenny Lona. She said they reposted her photos, commenting she must look old from eating meat.

“Kind of creeped me out more than anything,” said Lona.

Foley showed us they even went as low to repost photos of her son, calling him “inbred.”

And she’s angry that Facebook — allegedly — won’t take any action:

“I was instantly upset that Facebook wouldn’t pull it,” Foley said. “As long as it doesn’t go outside their community standards, they can post whatever they want.”

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