Over the weekend, an impostor of NFL star Richard Sherman caused a mini-boomlet on social media with a post the fake-Sherman wrote trashing an alleged Black Lives Matter activist for using the real-Sherman’s image in a meme with the caption, “When we gon Kill These KKKrakas Bro.

Here’s a screenshot of the meme the fake-Sherman was so angry at:


Anyway, the boomlet was big enough that the real-Sherman talked about the impostor at a press conference yesterday and gave his thoughts on the Black Lives Movement overall.

In summary, what Sherman said was pretty great. He first said that, “as a black man, I do understand that black lives matter. You know, I stand for that, I believe in that wholeheartedly” but added, “as long as we have black-on-black crime and, you know, one black man killing another … if black lives matter, then it should matter all the time.”

Video via the Tacoma News Tribune:


Full remarks here:



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