This is just great. David Brock and his pro-Hillary super PAC Correct the Record thought it would be a good idea to go after Bernie Sanders as he continues to surge in the polls against Brock’s favored candidate. Things didn’t go so well.

Brock’s group had attempted to link Sanders to British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Corbyn’s past comments on Hugo Chavez and Osama bin Laden:

The attack linked Sanders, who identifies as a Democratic socialist, to controversial remarks made by Corbyn, including his praise of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.

The email also quoted Corbyn calling the death of Osama bin Laden “a tragedy,” as there was no attempt to arrest and put the al Qaeda leader on trial.

Even better, however, is that Correct the Record emailed this stupid hit piece to the Huffington Post thinking it was off the record. It wasn’t:

The Correct the Record research was sent by e-mail to the Huffington Post and was apparently intended to be off the record. But its content was published anyway, the publication said, because it never agreed to those terms.

Brock won’t apologize, of course, saying this is “standard opposition research”:

Sounds good to us. The more standard opposition research Brock throws at Bernie, the better chance of ending Hillary’s campaign.


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