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Well this doesn’t sound like a very good use of taxpayer dollars:

This depressing statistic is from Gen. Lloyd Austin who testified today in the Senate:

Just “four or five” U.S.-trained anti-ISIS forces are currently in the fight against the so-called Islamic State, a top American military official told Congress Wednesday, despite a program that cost $200 million. It is a staggeringly low number for a program where the Obama administration had initially planned to train 5,400 fighters a year. At this pace of training, United States Central Command Commander Gen. Lloyd Austin told a Senate committee, the U.S. “won’t reach the goal we initially established for ourself.”

Foreign Policy reported last night that the U.S. will “scale back” its “ambitions” for the rebel-training program:

How do you scale back from “four or five”?

Update. It was 9 fighters trained at a cost of $500 million:

Accuracy matters.


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