Actress Zoe Saldana, star of “Avatar,” “Star Trek” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” posted a personal 9/11 story to Instagram about her sister, Mariel, an EMT in New York City who was one of the “many first responders at ground zero.”

Check it out, because it’s pretty awesome:

Today is September 11th, a day many of us will always remember because it changed our lives and the way we see ourselves as a nation. Today, for the 14th time I wake up and pray for all the lives that were lost, I pray for the families that mourn the loss of their loved one. I light a candle and I try, as much as I can to not forget that day- every hour, minute. Today is also a day I feel grateful to all the people that were there helping those in need. To all the emts, doctors, firemen, rescue workers, construction teams, volunteers- Thank You. My sister Mariel, is one of those people. An Emt at that time, she risked her life by being one of the many first responders at ground zero. I remember pleading with her on the phone, begging her not to go. She responded by simply saying " I'm sorry, but I have to". That will stay with me forever, she taught me a lot that day. My sister walks the path. She doesn't talk about it, she doesn't try to do anything. She simply does it. When she pledged to be an Emt, she understood that one day she might have to sacrifice her life to save another. That day came and she did not hesitate, along with many of her colleagues. I will always know who they are and I will be forever grateful. Today, she is still the person Cisely and I want to be when we grow up. She is the most amazing role model anyone can ever have. THANK YOU MARIEL

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