As Dems and President Obama do their little end-zone dance now that it looks like they have to votes to get the Iran deal through Congress, Reuters is reporting that the IAEA isn’t satisfied with Iran’s answers on the alleged peaceful nature of its nuclear program and has sent the regime a list of questions to answer before the deal is finalized.

An excerpt from the piece:

“The IAEA has undertaken a rigorous and thorough review of the explanations provided by Iran on 15 August under the roadmap,” Fredrik Dahl, a spokesman for the agency, said. “Yesterday, the IAEA submitted questions to Iran on ambiguities identified by the agency.”

The submission of the questions was in keeping with the roadmap’s timeline, which provided for the agency’s questions to be sent to Iran by Sept. 15.

“Technical-expert meetings, technical measures and discussions will be organized in Tehran prior to 15 October 2015 to remove the ambiguities identified by the IAEA,” the agency said in a statement.

The IAEA is due to provide its assessment by Dec. 15.

So why are we voting for this now before we have the IAEA assessment?



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