The war between Donald Trump and the Club for Growth heated up tonight after Trump posted a letter addressed to Corey Lewandowski — Trump’s campaign manager — from Club for Growth President David McIntosh dated June 2, 2015 where McIntosh asks Trump for a $1,000,000 donation.

However, it’s not clear from the letter if it was Trump or the Club for Growth that initiated the donation talks. Here it is for your review:

The Club for Growth fired back, suggesting that Trump was attempting to buy the group’s support:

And the Club for Growth posted an old op-ed from 2011 trashing Trump’s economic policies to make the case that it was Trump who wanted their support and not the other way around:

Trump and the Club for Growth have been going back and forth for days now over this $1,000,000 donation:

So in summary, it does read like Donald Trump did want to explore ways to help out the Club for Growth and their initiatives, but on the other hand, the Club for Growth basically says that even though they really don’t like Trump, they can be bought for $1,000,000.

Editor’s note: Two typos have been fixed.


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