Clickbait? Hardly. We’re just asking questions, Eric. And really, all we’re doing is pointing out that CBS’ Mark Knoller noticed something “very unusual” with the way President Obama greeted Saudi Arabia’s King Salman at the White House earlier today:

And FWIW, Yahoo! News’ Olivier Knox thought it was odd, too:

Mark and Olivier: Check the mail! Your secret right-wing membership kits will be arriving shortly!

Flashback: Pres. Obama cut his state visit to India short earlier this year to fly to Saudi Arabia to meet King Salman in person after the death of King Abdullah. We noted at the time that Obama decided to fly to Saudi Arabia literally hours after he gave a speech in India on “religious tolerance and gender equity“:

Editor’s note: A typo has been corrected. It’s Olivier Knox, not Oliver. We apologize for the error.



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