As we told you, President Obama is in Alaska where he went off on “climate change deniers” in a speech yesterday, saying that “those who want to ignore the science, they are increasingly alone” and that “they are on their own shrinking island”:

And let’s not forget that President Obama has said repeatedly that global warming is a national security threat. For example, Obama said this in his commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy earlier this year:

But when global warming gives you lemons, make lemon-slushies. It turns out that all of the melting ice could be good for U.S. businesses and we need new icebreakers to protect our interests as well as to cut into the icebreaker-gap with Russia. Obama announced today:

There’s not much chatter yet about this proposal, but it is starting to make the alarmist community a little angry:

Hey, you can’t drill in the Arctic without a few Arctic icebreakers!



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