PETA calls this Halloween costume “epic.” We wonder … do all of the people who are killed by lions each year in Africa find it equally as “epic”?

You know, like this guy’s family?

PETA is selling the costume for $139.99. From their description:

Halloween aficionados can turn the table on trophy hunters’ ghoulish pastime with this cheeky new limited-edition costume. “Cecil’s Revenge” features a dentist’s uniform with a “Dr. Palmer” name tag, complete with a plush lion grabbing the dental coat from behind, leaving bloody claw marks. Accessorize with a drill, a toothbrush, or a toy crossbow.

Animals like Cecil are constantly threatened by trophy hunters like Walter Palmer, who pay someone to track down wildlife and blind them with a spotlight at night so the hunters can press the trigger on their high-powered weapons at close range, then take the animals’ heads home to decorate their own dens.

Flashback: PETA wanted the U.S. to send the dentist to Zimbabwe where he could be executed:

We guess “lynched dentist” as a costume was a little too much for the animal rights activists.





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