As President Bush traveled to New Orleans today for the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Paul Begala reminded us why he’s still a hack:

What a jerk.

Quite a few Tweeters pointed out that it’s former Mayor Ray Nagin who’s the real criminal. Nagin couldn’t attend the anniversary, however … because he’s in jail:

And is it really a great idea for Begala to be joking about crime scenes as there is a report out tonight that the FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton for a violation of the Espionage Act?

Or this criminal trying to return to the scene?

Exactly. Not to mention Bush’s actions post Katrina were praised by Begala’s fellow CNN contributor Donna Brazile:

An excerpt:

Brazile, who is from Louisiana, said that, “Under President Bush’s leadership, we got it right.” She admitted some aspects of the Bush’s responses were slow, but blamed that on the inability of local and state governments to respond.

“The president made a commitment and I think he kept his word,” she said, noting that Bush earmarked $120 billion into rebuilding affected communities over the opposition of some Republicans.

Well said.