Breaking news out of Orange County, NY where we’re seeing news that a small plane — reportedly a 1998 Giles G-202 —  lost part of its tail in flight and crashed during rehearsal for this weekend’s New York Air Show at Stewart International Airport.

From @NYCAviation editor Benjamin Granucci:

Granucci posted a photo of the plane in flight right after the tail broke off, but has since deleted it:

The photo is still available in this post on Mashable, although Granucci isn’t too happy about it:

The FAA has confirmed the crash:

A Cornell W F/Sahakian JA Jr. Giles G 202 experimental aircraft crashed shortly after it departed from Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, NY at about 2 p.m. today. Check with local authorities on the condition of the pilot, the only person onboard. The pilot of the aircraft was scheduled to participate in an airshow at Stewart Airport this weekend. The FAA will investigate and the NTSB will determine probable cause.

Cornell W F/Sahkian JA Jr is the aircraft manufacturer; the Giles G 202 is the aircraft model.”