Remember last week when we told you that team Hillary was flipping out over reports that James O’Keefe and his undercover photojournalists might have been targeting her campaign offices for some new sting video?

Turns out she was right to be worried.

O’Keefe posted what he says will be the first in a series of videos exposing how Clinton’s campaign is either skirting or outright breaking election law. In this first video, we see a Clinton volunteer instructing Project Veritas’ undercover reporter on how to avoid registering voters who aren’t Hillary Supporters, which according to O’Keefe is a violation of Iowa law:

Flashback: Clinton’s team told TIME magazine’s Zeke Miller last week that they weren’t doing this:

In another instance, a woman volunteering with the Clinton campaign on voter registration efforts in Iowa City returned to the campaign’s office in Des Moines and asked whether it was okay that she refuse to register people who don’t support Clinton, the campaign official said. The Clinton campaign maintains that its policy is to register all voters, regardless of their preference in candidates.

Sorry, Hillary … that’s not what the video shows!

O’Keefe signed off in the video a promise of more to come:

“In fact, stay tuned Hillary. Because we’re shortly going to release a stunning story of election malfeasance at the highest levels of your campaign. Check your email.”

Get the popcorn.



Hillary Clinton worried about potential James O’Keefe sting video targeting her campaign