And this is why people in Zimbabwe were so perplexed at the outrage over the shooting death of Cecil the lion:

From the AP:

A lion charged and killed a safari guide who was leading a group of tourists in the same national park in Zimbabwe that was the home of Cecil the lion who was killed by a hunter with a crossbow in July.

Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said Tuesday that Quinn Swales was in Hwange National Park when he spotted six lions on Monday.

“One of the lions had cubs and they became hostile. Mr. Swales at first manage to scare the lions away but then the male lion later made a U-turn and attacked him,” Charamba told The Associated Press. None of the tourists was harmed, she said.

Swales was leading six tourists on a walking safari when he spotted fresh lion spoor and decided to track a pride of lions consisting of two females, two cubs and two males, according to the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

The collared lion, named Nxaha, attacked Swales, the parks authority said.

Exit question: Was this guide following proper procedures? It doesn’t seem too smart to be tracking a pride of lions without any protection.



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