We’re learning some new details regarding the suspected terror attack on a train travelling between Paris and Amsterdam today.

According to an internal Pentagon report obtained by the Military Times, it was a U.S. Airman and not a U.S. Marine who was injured while subduing the gunman:

Although there were two U.S. Marines and another unidentified member of the military on the train who were involved in stopping the attack:

An airman was wounded by a gunman on a train from Amsterdam to Paris on Friday, according to an internal Pentagon report obtained by Military Times.

The report did not say how the airman was wounded, but media outlets have reported that U.S. troops overpowered the gunman, preventing him from killing the train’s passengers.

Three other service members were involved in the incident: two Marines and one service member whose branch was unknown at press time, the report says.

Defense officials in the U.S. and Europe declined to say what branches of service the troops were from.

“At this point, we can only confirm that one U.S. military member was injured in the incident; the injury is non life-threatening,” said Air Force Lt. Col. David Westover, a spokesman for U.S. European Command. “We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.”

ABC’s Jon Williams confirms:

France is reportedly moving to honor the Americans for their role in stopping what could have been a massacre:

And the gunman has been identified as Ayoub el-Qahzzani who (SURPRISE!) had recently returned to France from Syria:

Update. One of the servicemen who stopped the attack has been identified as U.S. National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, 22, from Oregon:

From Reuters:

Alek Skarlatos, a 22-year-old member of the U.S. National Guard from Oregon, said his friend, who is also in the military, had been injured while he grappled with the gunman. They eventually got the attacker under control, Norman said.

“I just got back from Afghanistan last month, and this was my vacation from Afghanistan,” Skarlatos said.



U.S. Marines subdue Kalashnikov wielding gunman on train in France; 3 injured; Update: One American seriously wounded; Update: Confirmed as member of the military; Update: CNN reports gunman was ‘Islamist militant’