Game over for Shaun King in the “is he or isn’t he black” saga? Could be…

According to Don Lemon last night, CNN interviewed one of Shaun King’s family members who confirmed to Lemon that the parents of the Black Lives Matter protester are both white, thus confirming what Breitbart News reported yesterday.

More importantly,however, it should be noted that King refused to answer Lemon’s direct question on the race of his parents when asked:

Video here:

Although Lemon’s broadcast wasn’t entirely fair to King. At 3:24 in the video above, Lemon put up a screenshot of a tweet King deleted yesterday that gives the impression that King admitted to lying to Morehouse about his race to get a scholarship. Lemon reported that, “as I understand, this tweet has been taken down.”

Except the tweet wasn’t just taken down — it was replaced almost immediately with a corrected version that Lemon did not share with his viewers.

Here’s what Lemon showed to his audience:


And here’s what it looked like live as we were following King’s timeline yesterday:


Hey, we’re no fans of Shaun King and he’s probably going to have to answer these questions on his scholarships in more detail, but at least we’re fair to him. His deleted tweet from yesterday was really a non-story and Lemon was wrong to use it the way he did.


Editor’s note: A typo was corrected in the first line of this post.


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