We don’t always see eye-to-eye with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, but kudos for this:

And this isn’t an exaggeration. Cuomo had to jump into the water to rescue the flailing swimmer, then get him back to shore. More on the rescue from Page Six:

“Chris threw him a life preserver, but the man still didn’t start swimming, so Chris jumped in the water and went after him. It was happening too fast to untie the boat and start the engine. At this point, the man was 500 to 600 feet away from us, almost so far that you couldn’t see him, but Chris is a strong guy and swam up to him.”


Cilione continued, “Once he got to him, the man still couldn’t fight the current, so Chris then somehow managed to drag him back to shore, where they could stand in the water. If he hadn’t done this, the man would surely have drowned.”

Cuomo, however, kept the news of his heroics secret, not even telling his coworkers at CNN. CNN did address it this morning after reports broke online:

Well done.